Successful completion of trainee project „Digiscout“ at H&T Tool Design

The three trainees from H&T Tool Design Nils Schröder, Bo-Jan Bunse und Florian Sürig (left to right) have presented their project “Digitalization of the Fault Message Card” in the course of the final presentation “Digiscouts” at the IHK in Kassel in front of approx. 70 participants and interested parties. The project „Digiscouts“ is a nationwide competition, which offers trainees the opportunity of introducing and implementing ideas in their companies for 6 months in order to digitalize processes.

“Digiscouts” is promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The trainees implemented this project independently. For this purpose, a project management software was also provided. The three H&T trainees decided to digitalize the so-called fault message card out of several ideas.

Previously, in the event of a malfunction, a handwritten paper sheet was filled in and passed on and processed across various departments. This is now a thing of the past, with iPad, Internet and a cloud solution now being used to fill out a digital form to which every affected department has direct and immediate access. This saves tiresome trips, waiting times and paper.

The idea was met with enthusiasm by colleagues and management alike and showed that the younger generation can teach the older generation something, especially in the area of digitalization. The three trainees are very pleased that their project is currently being tested in a pilot project in ongoing production before it can be rolled out to other processes.


The three trainees and their supervisors, trainer Peter Rödiger and personnel officer Niklas Kleinschnittger (from right to left) are happy about the received project certificate.