Duracell Supplier Excellence Award presented to H&T Dongguan on outstanding support during Covid-19

H&T Dongguan has been recognized by Duracell China with a Supplier Excellence Award for our continued supplies of battery components during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through our efforts, Duracell China was able to remain flexible to significant shifts in short-term demand, avoid regional shutdowns and maintain global support of increased battery volumes.

Despite facing its own challenges, H&T Dongguan maintained constant deliveries through the combined efforts of our employees and cooperation from our key supply partners.

The award was presented via Webex to the H&T Dongguan management team on Tuesday, Sept 29 by the Duracell global procurement team.

We sincerely appreciate this award and thank the entire H&T Dongguan team for their ongoing contributions, dedication, and hard work. 

For more information regarding the H&T Battery Components Division, see https://www.htbatteries.com/