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People join us with various backgrounds. Even though nationalities, cultures and biographies are completely different, all these people share certain characteristics: Open for new ideas, curiosity, flexibility and ambition. As experts in their respective fields, they make a decisive contribution to our company’s success.

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Cleoford Derequito

Production Supervisor

Doby Verrolec, Dubai (UAE)

I like working for Doby Verrolec Fze and the H&T Group because of the unique experience and continuous opportunity it provides enabling me to enhance my professional knowledge and abilities and improve my technical skills.

Cleoford Derequito was one of the first employees to join Doby Verrolec Fze at the time of its establishment in 2007 as Production Supervisor. Cleoford completed his technical college education in Columban College Philippines where he attended an Industrial Technology course majoring in Electrical Engineering. He started his professional career as a machine operator in Omron Mechatronic, during the course of the next 7 years he developed vital technical skills to become Lead Technician for Bending and Secondary Sections. In 2007 he decided to move to UAE from the Philippines. His academic and professional skills were ideally suited to the challenge of working in a newly established business.


Liza Li

Production & Material Control Manager

H&T Dongguan (CN)

Heitkamp & Thumann Group is a warm-hearted and friendly family. As a member of H&T Dongguan, I like working for the company and would like to stay with the company as long as possible.

Liza Li joined H&T Dongguan 10 years ago. In her daily work she is responsible for coordinating the various operation departments, supplier management, stock level control and logistics.


Ansgar Eikler

Tool Maker & Head of Prototype Production

H&T Marsberg (DE)

My job gives me the opportunity to combine practice and theory. In the company I have been able to continue to develop my skills and to grow with the challenging and varied tasks within the team. In the course of my work I have already experienced some highs and lows which have shown that we can successfully resolve our problems together as a team.

Ansgar Eikler has worked at the Marsberg site since 1985. After training as a tool maker at the company, then known as GEMI, Ansgar continued to develop his skills as a tool maker by both completing very varied assignments as well as taking in-house and external training courses. Ansgar has always played a major role in increasing production at the Battery Components site in Marsberg. Since 1999 he has been head of prototype production, creating and developing new tools. His daily work is characterized by high demand for teamwork through the close cooperation with many areas of the company and direct coordination with customers.


Annett Buchner

Project Manager & Design Engineer

H&T ProduktionsTechnologie, Crimmitschau (DE)

What I particularly like about my work is the responsibility for the projects, the wide range of tasks and the excellent cooperation with the project teams and my colleagues. The faith the company has shown in me helps strengthen my confidence every day at work. Apart from all this, H&T ProduktionsTechnologie offers me excellent opportunities for advanced training and development.

Annett Buchner has worked at H&T ProduktionsTechnologie since January 2013. As a result of her great commitment and excellent performance, she was promoted to project manager only a few months after joining the company. Annett started her career by training as an office clerk. As she was very interested in technology she then studied industrial engineering majoring in business financial management and industrial engineering. She gathered her first professional experience in the construction departments of two firms specializing in the construction of special machines. In addition to her knowledge of design engineering, she also has a basic welding certificate. In her spare time she likes to play volleyball.


Ronald T. Turmel Jr.

Vice President of Manufacturing & General Manager

H&T Waterbury (US)

There are many rewarding aspects of my job, one of them is being able to work with highly motivated people who are committed to excelling in everything they do.

Ronald Turmel began his career with H&T in December, 1978. He started as a part-time employee of H&T Waterbury (formerly Bouffard Metal Goods) while attending Holy Cross School. Ron quickly advanced to apprentice toolmaker in August 1979 and completed the 8,000 hour program on January 2, 1982. From 1982 through the 1990’s he worked in Operations in increasingly higher levels of tool making and production supervisory posts. In 2002 he was promoted to Vice President and General Manager. Since 2007 Ron has championed the lean transformation of the company, successfully leading HTW through and out of the 2008-2009 U.S. recession. Ron is on the Board of Directors of the Small Manufacturers Association of Greater Waterbury and an advisor to the manufacturing education programs of Kaynor Technical High School and Naugatuck Valley Community College.


Colin Parmley

Operator, Doby Verrolec

Doby Verrolec, Stanley (UK)

I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to use the skills that I have acquired over the years. Within my job I use a diverse range of progression press tools and power press machines, often allowing me to tackle new and important challenges.

Colin Parmely has worked for Doby Verrolec since 2001 where he has excelled within the company, gaining qualifications to improve himself and his vital role within Doby. Colin has achieved level 2 National Vocational Qualifications in Business – Improvement Techniques (Process) as well as numerous theoretical and practical qualifications in machine and process operations.


Julian Hemy

Commercial Director

H&T Presspart Blackburn (UK)

I love the variety of my job, from visiting customers all over the world to making decisions on investments at one of our manufacturing sites; there is no such thing as a 'normal' week. H&T Presspart is an exciting place to work and I really enjoy the good mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds that we have in the team.

Julian joined H&T Presspart in 2001 and has been responsible for the commercial activities of the H&T Presspart Group since that date. He focusses, in particular, on expanding the pharmaceutical sector for H&T Presspart. Prior to H&T Presspart, Julian worked for an international chemical company in various commercial roles in IT, Engineering and latterly in Business Management in a catalyst business. He has a Masters in Modern History from Oxford University and an MBA from Durham University.


Janis Ramspott

CIP Manager

H&T Presspart Marsberg (DE)

I am happy to support H&T Presspart on its path towards perfection and enjoy pursuing this course together with my colleagues.

Janis Ramspott has been CIP Manager (Continuous Improvement Process) at H&T Presspart Marsberg since mid-2013. The introduction of a global CIP organization is part of the group-wide initiative "H&T Excellence". Janis started his career at H&T Tool Design with an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician in 2004. After completing his training he moved on to work for H&T Presspart’s maintenance department. In 2012 he successfully passed the examination to become a certified technician.


Jesús Polanco

Business Development Manager

H&T Presspart Tarragona, L’Arboç (ES)

I have chosen to work for H&T Presspart because it offers me the possibility to proactively propose ideas and develop new innovative projects to help convince our customers that H&T Presspart is the best partner to satisfy their needs.

Jesús Polanco obtained his degree in Business Administration and in Management Information Systems at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA. Since he came back from the USA he has been being working in different sales & marketing functions for the pharmaceutical industry or related industries within the pharmaceutical supply chain. His hobbies are sports, reading, foreign languages and cultures. He is also a fan of independent films.


Steffen Emde

Toolmaker Apprentice

H&T Tool Design, Marsberg (DE)

After school H&T Tool Design was my favored employer to start my preferred apprenticeship as a toolmaker because of positive experiences of my friends at H&T Tool Design, a demanding training course, a cooperative working environment and international opportunities.

Steffen Emde started his apprenticeship as a tool maker at H&T Tool Design in August 2014. During his first year he has gained a lot of experience in operating CNC machine tools and has become familiar with the different business areas in H&T Tool Design. In the two upcoming years of his apprenticeship he wants to continue to fulfill his tasks in the most positive manner possible. In addition, he looks forward to the opportunities offered in the Group afterwards – from master courses to working abroad.


Michelle Chia

Plant Manager

H&T Singapore (SN)

I like my job because the scope is diversified and challenging. H&T Singapore is a good place to work as the management is people-focused. We believe that people are our most important asset and keep our employees well-informed and accept feedback and input from each individual.

Michelle Chia joined H&T Singapore in 2008 as Quality Assurance Manager. In 2012, she assumed the role as Plant Manager. Prior to joining H&T Singapore, she had worked 13 years in a Japanese multi-national company, manufacturing home audio equipment and plasma TV. She has a diploma in Quality Assurance Engineering and a Degree in Business and Management Studies.


Katerina Dudkova

HR Manager

Westfalia Metal s.r.o., Hustopece (CZ)

I like my job because it offers me manifold opportunities to learn new things, to cooperate with people and develop my skills.

Katerina Dukova has been working for Westfalia Metal s.r.o. since September 2010. She started as a personal assistant to the Managing Director, after two and a half years moving to the HR department which has given her the opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge. In September 2013 she graduated at the Brno International Business School (BIBS) with a BA (Hons) in economics and management. She enjoys skiing and swimming, her hobbies also include traveling and discovering new places.


Ana Ramonet

Quality Technician

H&T Presspart Tarragona, L’Arboç (ES)

I like working for H&T Presspart as it offers me a challenging job in an industrial supply chain designed to help people treating respiratory disorders.

Ana Ramonet is a Metrologist in the Quality Department of H&T Presspart’s plant in Tarragona, Spain, where actuators for metered dose inhalers and other actuators and complex sub-assemblies for the pharmaceutical industry are produced. She is a certified quality laboratory technician and together with her colleagues she ensures that the products meet the stringent global pharmaceutical regulations and standards. She worked at a major food producer before and likes spending time with her family, roller skating, going to the movies and reading.


Sarah Voigt

Commercial Apprentice

Westfalia Presstechnik, Crimmitschau (DE)

It has long been an ambition of mine to have a job which is multifaceted, varied and interesting. My internships gave me insight into various companies. I am fascinated by how a business works as a whole, how all the departments work together and are connected. I am thrilled that I can now realise my professional goal at Westfalia Presstechnik. During my training here I can get to know all the departments and get to understand the big picture. My teachers and colleagues are open and friendly, making it fun to learn and work here. I am already looking forward to completing my training at Westfalia Presstechnik when I can make the most of my new skills.


Martin Bach

Director Operational Excellence

Holding, Duesseldorf (DE)

H&T Excellence supports the H&T Group by expanding the sustainable competitive advantage of operational excellence. Our focus is on value adding operations, avoiding waste and continuous improvement. I enjoy supporting this process and the opportunity to work in an international environment and the different cultural aspects of this.

Martin Bach joined the H&T Group as a Project Manager for Group Operations in April 2015 and since September 2015 he is responsible for the global "H&T Excellence" organization. Martin holds a Master of Science (Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur) in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. Martin started his career as a logistics planner in the automotive industry and has been working as a consultant for lean management for the last three years. During his time as a consultant he supported clients from various manufacturing industries around the world and is now contributing his experience to the group-wide lean management program "H&T Excellence".


Benjamin Willert


Westfalia Metallschlauchtechnik, Hilchenbach (DE)

My job at Westfalia allows me to transfer my practical experience as an industrial mechanic to construction and development tasks and to pass my knowledge on to my colleagues at our production sites abroad.”

Benjamin Willert is working in the department „Global Production Processes” which provides worldwide support for the Westfalia Metal Hose Group locations to help implement standards and carry out optimizations. He began his career in 2003 with an apprenticeship and then initially worked as an industrial mechanic at the Hilchenbach location. In the meantime he has successfully completed a further training course on a part-time basis to become a certified technician specializing in mechanical engineering technology.


František Hanák

Measuring Technician

Westfalia Metal s.r.o., Hustopece (CZ)

Westfalia is the ideal employer to develop my career. In this environment, I can seek fast learning and take every day as a challenge.

František Hanák joined Westfalia in Hustopece in May 2011. He started as a press operator at Westfalia Metal Components and after a while was promoted and moved to the position of a shift leader. In July 2014, he got the opportunity to gain further experience and became a measuring technician in the quality department. He now helps to ensure Westfalia’s high quality standards. His hobbies are tennis, music, movies and travelling.


Qu Xiao Dong

Production Supervisor

Westfalia Shanghai (CN)

I am passionate about my work, especially about the challenge of the ever changing technology. Through my work, I can constantly improve and broaden my abilities and skills in manufacturing and for someone like me who want to be successful, Westfalia Shanghai provides great career opportunities. I'm very proud to be part of such an excellent team.

Qu Xiao Dong joined Westfalia Shanghai in 2012 as a production operator. His outstanding performance led to him being promoted to the position of Production Supervisor. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating the hourly production workers at the site. Prior to joining Westfalia he worked as a production line leader for a Chinese-US joint venture. He has a CNC Middle Level Certificate and a Certificate of Welder's Quality. His hobby is playing basketball.


Christian Schulz

Network & Security Administrator

Holding, Duesseldorf (DE)

My job is multifaceted, varied and very international. In addition, Heitkamp & Thumann motivates me to achieve my personal further education objectives.

Since 2011, Christian Schulz has been a network and security administrator for a central IT unit which coordinates and supports the local IT departments of the 13 Heitkamp & Thumann locations worldwide. Christian began his career in 2000 as an IT employee at the Marsberg location. In addition to working full-time, he is currently studying business information technology.


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    Well-trained and highly qualified employees are the basis for the Heitkamp & Thumann Group to exist as a competitive and innovative company in the global economy, today and in the future.

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    Engineering Toolmaking (m/f) (National Vocational Qualification Level 3)

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    Start Date: throughout the year
    Company: H&T Waterbury, Waterbury, USA  

    Toolmaker Apprenticeship Program (m/f) (Maintenance)   

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    Toolmaker Apprenticeship Program (m/f) (Toolroom)

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    Company: Dongguan Heitkamp & Thumann Metal Products Ltd., Dongguan City, China