Westfalia Metal Components

Lightweight products for stability and safety

Westfalia Metal Components produces seat parts as well as body and chassis components from high-strength steel using the latest press technology. Another part of Westfalia’s range of activities is the highly automated assembly of these components.

For a long time, the metal processing industry believed that the sturdier the design, the heavier the part had to be. The team at Westfalia Presstechnik uses hexagonal structures intelligently thus proving it is possible to combine stability with lightweight design, even in metal construction.

Three-dimensional hexagonal or bionic basic structures designed in thin-walled metal sheets make them much more stable. Using this technique, the engineers at Westfalia Presstechnik have managed, for example, to lower the weight by 37% and the cost by 27% compared to the part's predecessor.

Through the use of efficient servo presses and innovative bonding techniques Westfalia Metal Components ensures process solutions that are optimally adapted to customer requirements.


Westfalia Metal Components is a specialized manufacturer for precision formed automotive components. Seat parts and body components, which are also manufactured into assemblies, make up an important part of the product portfolio.



Westfalia Metal
Components s.r.o.

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Westfalia Presstechnik
GmbH & Co. KG

Gewerbering 26
08451 Crimmitschau
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