H&T Presspart

Precision Metals and Plastics

H&T Presspart is a specialized manufacturer of high precision metal and plastic components for the pharmaceutical industry. H&T Presspart’s bespoke deep-drawn and injection molded components stand for competence, quality and innovation.

Most components are supplied into the pressurized metered dose inhaler market. Not only the active ingredients of the medication but the quality and reliability of the packaging and application systems can have a profound effect on people's health and wellbeing.

Precision and reliability of H&T Presspart products are contributing to make the difference – the company’s most important guiding principle. This means we bear an enormous responsibility to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Thereby, H&T Presspart contributes to improving the quality of life of millions of patients that rely on these life saving medications.

MDI Cans and Actuators

H&T Presspart is the world‘s leading manufacturer of deep-drawn aluminium and stainless steel cans for metered dose inhalers (MDIs) and a leading supplier of MDI actuators for the global market.

Further Actuators and Assemblies

The pharmaceutical product portfolio also includes
a variety of other dispensing actuators, e.g. for oral and nasal applications, as well as complex sub-assemblies.

MDI application systems

A metered dose inhaler (MDI) is used to administer medication when treating illnesses of the respiratory tract. The medication is administered in a fine spray from the aerosol can and inhaled into the respiratory tract through the mouth.

The application consists primarily of the aerosol can and the operating system. Both products are manufactured by H&T Presspart. The medication is released by pressing on the operating system. Since these systems regulate the spray pattern and optimize the absorption of the medication right down to the lungs, the specifications they must comply with are stringent. Added to which, functional reliability must be guaranteed at all times.

H&T Presspart works closely with its customers and is able to tailor the operating systems to specific customer requirements and the medication to be administered.


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