Our Mission

To Be the Leading Global Partner for the Development and Supply of World Class Precision Formed Components.

  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority
  • Suppliers Are Our Business Partners
  • People Working Together as a Global Team
  • Integrity Will Never Be Compromized
  • Continuous Improvement in Everything We Do
  • Innovation Will Create Our Future
  • Safety and Environmental Sustainability Are Our Primary Responsibility

Facts & Figures

Global presence, strategic vision and a company philosophy that puts innovation, employees and customer orientation at the very center of all corporate activities – these are the ingredients for success that bring stable growth to the Heitkamp & Thumann Group.

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About us

More Than Twenty Companies, Two Divisions, Five Business Units, Creating a Worldwide Family Business.

As a Holding Company, the Heitkamp & Thumann Group brings together over 20 medium-sized companies under one group. H&T Battery Components and H&T Presspart represent the two divisions and Westfalia Metal Hoses, Westfalia Metal Components, Doby Verrolec, H&T Industrial and H&T ProduktionsTechnologie the five independent business units.

The companies of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group are at the heart of today's globally competitive markets. The decentralized structure of the group allows maximum flexibility and maneuverability. Decisions are made quickly and unbureaucratically, resulting in rapid implementation.


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  Code of Business Conduct
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Group Executive Committee

From left front: Christian Diemer (CEO & General Partner), Dietmar Schmitz (Managing Director Compliance), Bill Shannon (Chairman H&T Battery Components - Rechargeable), Harald Langerbeins (CFO), Peter Jennissen (COO & General Partner)/ from left back: Christian Krätzig (Chairman H&T Battery Components - Alkaline), Peter Schmelzer (Chairman H&T Presspart & General Partner)

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic development and global operations of the entire Group. In addition to the CEO, COO and CFO the Committee includes the Chairmen of the two divisions.



    Takeover of Gemi Metallwarenfabrik, Marsberg (DE).


    Shareholding in Truelove & Maclean, Watertown and Bouffard Metal Goods, Waterbury, CT (US).


    Acquisition of Westfalia Hilchenbach (DE).


    Acquisition of Verrolec, Luton und Doby Cleats, Stanley (UK).


    Start of Production at H&T Singapore (SG).


    Transfer of battery can production from Gemi to H&T Marsberg (DE). Founding of the Czech subsidiaries Gemi s.r.o. and Westfalia s.r.o, Hustopece (CZ).


    Founding of Westfalia Inc., Waterbury, CT (US).


    Start of production at H&T Dongguan (CN) and Westfalia Presstechnik, Crimmitschau (DE).


    Merger of Doby Cleats and Verrolec into Doby Verrolec.


    Sale of Gemi. Members of the top management team become General Partner.


    Acquisition of Presspart, Blackburn (UK).


    Acquisition of the press manufacturer UTZ and integration into the Heitkamp & Thumann Group as H&T ProduktionsTechnologie, Crimmitschau (DE). Transfer of production of Westfalia Inc. to Bristol, CT (US).


    Completion of the new production site of Westfalia s.r.o., Hustopece (CZ).


    Westfalia opens a sales office in Shanghai (CN).


    New production site of Doby Verrolec in Dubai (AE). Focusing Presspart on the pharmaceutical industry. Sale of Truelove & MacLean, Watertown, CT (US).


    Acquisition of Nemo, Tarragona (ES) and integration of Presspart Tarragona into the Presspart Division.


    Start of the Joint Venture HTTM, Holland, MI (US) with the US partner Trans-Matic.


    Start of production Westfalia Shanghai (CN). Acquisition of Sibea, Zwickau (DE) and integration into H&T ProduktionsTechnologie, Crimmitschau (DE).


    Major expansions of production sites at Marsberg (DE), Crimmitschau (DE) and Dongguan (CN).


    Start of joint venture H&T Nevada LLC (US) with our partner Trans-Matic.


    H&T Presspart Latin America sales office opens in Montevideo (URY). Takeover of existing joint venture HTTM LLC (US) and H&T Nevada LLC (US).